The Door Problem: What does a game designer do?

Photo Credit: Stuart Miles/

Photo Credit: Stuart Miles/

Liz England, a professional game designer at Insomniac Games, has a brilliant description of what a game designer (and others in the business) really does, all centered around a simple door in a game:

“Premise: You are making a game.

  • Are there doors in your game?
  • Can the player open them?
  • Can the player open every door in the game?
  • Or are some doors for decoration?
  • How does the player know the difference?
  • Are doors you can open green and ones you can’t red? Is there trash piled up in front of doors you can’t use? Did you just remove the doorknobs and call it a day?
  • Can doors be locked and unlocked?
  • What tells a player a door is locked and will open, as opposed to a door that they will never open?
  • Does a player know how to unlock a door? Do they need a key? To hack a console? To solve a puzzle? To wait until a story moment passes?”

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